Previous Version of Employee Benefits
Replaced on: 23.05.2016

Effective as of: 01.09.2014

Policy name: Employee Benefits
Ameamerican University of Armenia

Policy of Publication

Policy Number: HUMR20140017

AUA offers the following benefits to its employees.  



Employee benefits as prescribed by  RA law, as applied to

the  American University of Armenia Fund “AUAF”


Minimal annual paid vacation of 20 working days


Partially paid sick-leave days


Employee benefits provided by the AUA, in reference to the AUAF and the

American University of Armenia Corporation “AUAC”


Health insurance coverage, in reference to AUAF and AUAC

-    the maximum/full package covering all in-patient and out-patients care, including eye and dental care with some limitations (there are some exceptions as in all health insurance packages). All AUAF employees having one year or longer employment contracts are eligible to health insurance

-    travel insurance (which is included in the contractual agreement for health insurance)


Tuition remission policy, in reference to AUAF and AUAC

-    full-time employees who have worked at AUA for a minimum of five years and their immediate family members (spouses and dependent children under 23 years of age) benefit from the program paying tuition fees at 25% of full tuition costs

-    the employees can use this benefit more than once for their eligible family members


Opportunity to audit graduate courses, in reference  to AUAF and AUAC

-    graduate course auditing with 100% discount on fees with the aim to improve the employee’s performance. The opportunity will be limited to one course per year per full-time employee having worked at the AUA for at least one year. If the course is offered during the employee’s working hours, those hours will be considered as working hours


Tuition discounts on Extension Program courses, in reference to AUAF and AUAC

-    100% discount on the course fee, limited to one course per year per full-time employee having worked at AUA for at least 6 months if the course  is job-related, and 50% discount on the course fee if it is not job-related. If the Extension Program course occurs during the employee’s working hours, those hours are considered as working hours


 Four personal paid leave days per year, in reference  to AUAF

-    these days are in addition to the minimal annual paid vacation as prescribed by law


 Maintaining the monthly current compensation in the case of sick-leave, in reference to AUAF

-    AUAF makes up the difference paid by the RA Social Fund so that the employee’s monthly salary remains unchanged


 Additional American holidays, in reference to AUAF

-    there are 5 additional paid holidays per year: Good Friday, American Independence Day, Thanksgiving (2 days) and Christmas Day


Business travel leave, in reference to AUAF and AUAC

-    to attend conferences and other training programs that enable the professional development of an employee. When pursuing such opportunities, employee may be excused from work without interruption in pay, for up to 5 days (unless funded or sponsored by AUA) in any given calendar year



-    The employees may be excused from work for up to seven calendar days, without interruption in pay, in cases of death in the employee's immediate family -- for purposes of this section; an immediate family is defined to include the following family members: the employee's spouse, children, parents, siblings, parents' siblings, nieces and nephews, grandparents, grandchildren, parents-in-law, siblings-in-law and first cousins. (refers to AUAF and AUAC)

-    The employees receive financial aid of 30,000 AMD in the case of death or serious illness of an immediate family member (for purposes of this policy an immediate family is defined to include the following family members: employee’s spouse, children, parents and siblings. (refers to AUAF)