Renting Apartments for Faculty and Staff
Renting Apartments for Faculty and Staff
Effective as of: 01.01.2006
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ADMI20060001

Faculty Services Office is responsible for locating and renting apartments for core and visiting faculty, international students, and staff. In doing so, special attention is given to such factors as: the proximity to AUA campus, quietness of the neighbourhood, working elevator and decent furnishing.


The apartments have to be equipped with:

1. water tank(s) unless the apartment has running water.

2. utensils, bedding, towels, and other necessities, according to the approved List of Items to be available in the Rented Apartment (see Appendix 1.9).

3. gas tank filled at AUAF’s expense when the tenant’s employment contract with AUA commences unless the apartment is connected to the municipal gas supply. Subsequently, AUA will assist with the refilling of the gas tank at the tenant’s expense.