Reservation at Barsam Suites
Reservation at Barsam Suites
Effective as of: 12.01.2012
American University of Armenia

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Faculty Services Office is responsible for making room reservations at AUA Barsam Suites for visiting faculty, students, and staff. Initial reservations are made by way of an email message sent to [email protected] where it is mentioned:

-          the room category;

-          duration of stay;

-          arrival and departure details, if available;

-          amenities included in the room rate, such as breakfast, Internet access in the room, laundry, etc.


The rooms for visiting faculty, students, and staff are reserved at the University-discounted rates and are charged to respective AUA academic programs/departments. Please consult with the Faculty Services office regarding the current room rates.


AUA pays for visiting faculty and staff’s stay at AUA Barsam Suites. The resident faculty personally cover the room rate.