Minors at AUA
Minors at AUA
Effective as of: 04.12.2017
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ACAD20170023

What is a minor?

An undergraduate minor at AUA is a coherent set of thematically related courses intended to broaden/complement a student’s learning and experience.

Minors are optional.  Undergraduate students may complete a minor(s) if they choose to do so. However, there is no requirement to do so.

In case the completion of a minor requires additional credits and/or additional time at AUA, the relevant procedures and policies will apply. There may be financial repercussions to choosing a minor.

Criteria for completion of a minor

No more than three credits can be counted from the major credits toward the minor.

No more than nine credits counted towards the minor may also satisfy a student’s General Education requirements

At least 50% of courses counted within the minor must be taken at AUA.

Procedure - Declaring a minor

Students declare a minor through the Registrar’s office when applying for graduation. 

A minor will be documented on a student’s transcript but will not appear on the diploma.


Procedure (Internal)

Proposing a minor:

        * Any group of a minimum of two faculty members from at least two Colleges/School/Centers can make a recommendation to the respective program/College/School.

        * Recommendations for minors must be vetted through an academic program and then College/School and then submitted by the Dean to the Curriculum Committee.

        * Recommendations must be accompanied by a brief description, budget, need, and context for the minor at AUA and Armenia

        * Minors must be approved by the Curriculum Committee, and the Administration (for budget, as needed) before being advertised or offered.

The following general criteria will be utilized for approving new minors

        * Minors at AUA typically consist of between 15 and 22 credits, a minimum of 6 of which must be upper division credits.

        * Proposals should demonstrate the long-term sustainability of the minor as well as appropriate fit with current offerings.

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