Apartment Cleaning
Apartment Cleaning
Effective as of: 01.01.2006
American University of Armenia

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AUA Apartment Cleaning Policy includes:

1. general cleanings: machine-washing bed linens, vacuuming carpets and floors, cleaning bathrooms and toilet with special detergent, and washing kitchen utensils.

2. thorough cleanings: all of the above plus washing windows and curtains, polishing floors, and cleaning chandeliers.

Please consult with the Faculty Services office regarding the current cleaning fees.


For those long-term residents who decide to clean their apartment and launder their bedding on their own, AUA will hold the deduction and make an annual inspection with them to decide what, if any, cleaning might be necessary. The cost of such cleaning should not exceed 50,000 AMD, barring unforeseen circumstances.


The Faculty Services Office coordinates this service with the AUA’s Housekeeping Services. The Head of Housekeeping is responsible for checking the quality of the cleaning with the Housing Assistant/Driver.