E-Reader Use Policy
E-Reader Use Policy
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American University of Armenia

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This policy governs borrower use of the Library’s e-readers.


AUA Papazian Library is pleased to offer a limited number of Amazon Kindle eBook readers (e-Readers) to its students. The content on the e-readers will include a variety of textbooks.





• AUA students (borrowers) may borrow e-readers with their library card for in-Library use only.

• E-Readers must be checked out for 3-hour period at the Circulation Desk, and be renewed    if no one else is waiting to borrow one.

• At the time of check-out, the e-reader will be inspected by a circulation staff member to make sure it is functioning properly.

• Additional books, or any other Kindle formats should not be added, downloaded, or deleted from the e- reader without Library administration’s prior permission. If somehow the borrower gains access to the e-reader account and purchases something, the borrower will be charged three times more of the price.

•A borrower is responsible for any damage to device and the cost of repair or replacement will be charged to that borrower.

• Borrower should read and agree with the policy.




If borrowers experience problems with the e-reader hardware or applications or have questions, they should ask Circulation Desk Staff for assistance.


Failure to comply with these policies will result in loss of privileges of using library e-readers.