Faculty Leaves of Absence
Faculty Leaves of Absence
Effective as of:
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ACAD20060005

General Considerations


A leave of absence may be requested by eligible faculty. Leaves of absence may be requested for medical, family, maternity/paternity, and other reasons as provided for in this policy. As soon as an eligible faculty member becomes aware of the need for a leave of absence for any reason, a written request should be made to his or her Dean.


Medical and Family Leaves


Eligible  faculty  may  wish  to  or  need  to  take  time  off  from  work  duties  to  fulfill  family obligations and responsibilities relative to the birth of a child, serious health condition of a spouse, partner, child, or parent, or the faculty member’s own serious health condition.  Eligible employees are defined as those faculty members who have contracts covering the full academic year.


Faculty requesting a leave necessitated by his or her illness will be required to provide a physician's statement verifying the illness, its beginning and expected ending dates, the need for the employee to provide care, or the inability of the employee to perform assigned functions. Faculty may use vacation or sick leave in conjunction with a family or medical leave with prior approval from his or her Dean.


Family or medical leaves of absence are usually unpaid leaves.  All benefits for which faculty are eligible will continue for the time the faculty member is on an approved leave of absence.  When the family or medical leave ends, faculty may return to the same position or to a similar position with no salary reduction or loss of benefits.


Faculty members do not have a specific number of days per year during which they are allowed sick leave.  A faculty member who is absent because of illness for a brief period should make arrangements through the Associate/Assistant Dean to see that his/her teaching and other responsibilities are met.   Associate/Assistant Deans make arrangements through their Deans.


Maternity/Paternity Leave


A ten-week leave, with combined benefits equal to full pay, is granted to new parents including those adopting a baby.    Eligible employees are defined as those faculty members who have contracts covering the full academic year.


Emergency Leave


An  emergency  leave  of  absence  may  be  granted  to  any  faculty  member  under  special circumstances (e.g. loss of home due to fire, flood, etc).

Bereavement Leave


A leave of absence is available to all faculty members in the event of the death of a close relative (typically defined as parent, partner, child, spouse, brother, sister, or grandparent).


Special Leave


A short-term leave of absence, one or two academic Quarters without pay, may be granted to eligible faculty.  Eligible faculty are defined as those returning faculty members who have contracts covering the full academic year.


Other Leave of Absence


A leave of absence may be granted for reasons other than those covered in this policy, for example short leaves of absence in order to attend research conferences.  The leave may or may not be paid.  Eligible employees are defined as those faculty members who have contracts covering the full academic year.




It is the faculty member's responsibility to notify the Dean of illness, disability or other circumstances that require a leave of absence in a timely manner.  Notification and a request for a leave of absence is made in writing.


The Dean is responsible for determining whether or not to grant leave and when leave should start and end.  It is the program's responsibility in such circumstances, working with the faculty member, to provide services to that individual's students for the duration of the leave.


If the length of the family, medical, or paternal/maternal leave of absence is insufficient, consideration for an extended leave period will be considered only with a written request.


Any unauthorized leave of absence shall be considered a resignation by the employee as of the date of the unauthorized leave.