Organizing Meetings and Conferences
Organizing Meetings and Conferences
Effective as of: 01.01.2012
American University of Armenia

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The Director of AUA Services coordinates external and some of the internal Meetings and Conferences at AUA. He/she meets the Client, identifies the needs, introduces facilities and food services, and familiarizes the Client with the regulations and rules on organizing Meetings and Conferences at AUA. He/she visits the Cafeteria with the Client and introduces him/her to the Cafeteria Manager. The latter prepares the food services menu and passes it to the Client. The Director of AUA Services prepares the facilities servicing contracts and gives to the VP of Operations/COO for signing.


The Director of AUA Services checks the online rooms’ schedule and asks the room scheduling service to reserve particular rooms/auditoria before making any commitments to a Client. He/she also checks with the Facilities Manager, Superintendent, Radio-engineers, Chief Energy Specialist should the Client make non-ordinary requests related to the facilities and equipment use during the event. Sunday events at AUA should be authorised by the VP of Operations/COO.


The  Director of AUA Services informs the  Facilities Manager, Superintendent, Radio-Engineer, Chief Energy Specialist, Head of Security and Transportation, Hardware Engineer and the Cafeteria Management (with a copy of the note to the President, Provost and Vice Presidents, Director of Administration, Director of ICTS) about the agenda of the upcoming event, the facilities to be used, the food services catering hours, the location as well the tables, audio-visual and simultaneous translation equipment needed, microphones, screens, and other equipment to be installed. He/she also keeps the PR Coordinator informed about the upcoming special events.


The Director of AUA Services makes sure that the payments are made in advance, when applicable, follows up with the Client during the event and cooperates with the Superintendent and Cafeteria Manager to make sure that Client’s needs are met. He/she checks with the Superintendent on the matter of any loss or damage to AUA buildings. He/she arranges with the Client for compensating AUA for the above-listed extra costs.


The Director of AUA Services will ask permission from the Client for the interested parties at AUA to be present at the event. He/she will also request invitations for the AUA community to cultural events held at AUA (e.g., concerts).


The Director of AUA Services updates AUA website Special Events page. He/she also updates the “Regulations on Provision of Facilities and Food Services” document to be handed to Client before the event (see posted at and


Organizing Meetings and Conferences at the AUA Center is coordinated by the Executive Director of the Center and the AUA-Center Restaurant Manager.