Effective as of: 04.16.2007
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ACAD20060004

Unless otherwise agreed by written contract, the University is the owner of all inventions and discoveries resulting from the work of faculty members, staff, students, or contractors, acting under the supervision of the University and using University facilities and resources, and the University reserves full and exclusive rights to any patents and licenses resulting from  such inventions  and  discoveries  made within  the scope of the job  description  or specific task assigned to the inventor by the University.

Before engaging in any project or activity that may result in patentable work, faculty, staff, students and contractors are advised to clarify with the University (either via the immediate project or facility supervisor or through the Office of Research and Development), the contractual bases for ownership and economic benefit with respect to any invention or discovery resulting from University-based activities, including royalties, licensing fees, and further development rights.   Otherwise, it will be assumed that any such invention or discovery is the sole property of the University, because University facilities, staff and resources may only be used for University-approved and University-related activities, under proper University supervision.


Unless otherwise agreed between inventor and the University, acting through the OVPRD, the royalty distribution should be as follows: a deduction of 15% to cover the administrative overhead of OVPRD is taken from gross royalty income, followed by a deduction for any directly assignable expenses, typically patent filing fees. After deductions, royalty income is divided one-third to the inventor, one-third to the inventor's Center, and one-third to the inventor's Department/School/College. Similarly, when more than one Department/Center is involved, the inventor shall designate the distribution of the Department/Center thirds based on support of the work. Disagreements involving royalty distribution will be reviewed and resolved by OVPRD; involved parties may appeal the OVPRD resolution to the President.


AUA may at times accept equity as part of the license issue fee. Net equity, i.e., the value of the equity after the deduction of 15% to cover OVPRD administrative costs, will be shared between the Inventor(s) and the University, with the University share going to a special Fellowship Fund to support talented researchers[1]. The University's share of equity will be managed by the AUA Corporation."


[1] The structure and the processes will be determined later.