Provision and Use of Furniture and Equipment
Provision and Use of Furniture and Equipment
Effective as of: 09.01.2014
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ADMI20140019

Distribution of Furniture and Equipment

All requests for furniture, equipment and other supplies should be approved by the appropriate department head. The requests for furniture should be submitted to the Superintendent.  The requests for IT equipment should be submitted to the Director of the Information and Communication Technologies Services (ICTS). All other equipment requests should be directed to the Facilities Manager.

Heads of departments are responsible for the proper use and protection of the property allocated to their departments. 

Moving Furniture/Equipment within AUA Premises

Furniture and equipment located in AUA classrooms, offices and corridors may be moved only by the AUA Superintendent and employees of ICTS. 

Moving of student desks, tables, cabinets and other furniture, as well as equipment from one room to another by students, faculty and staff is prohibited.   

Moving Furniture/Equipment In or Out of AUA Premises

Moving computer equipment and furniture off AUA premises must be approved by the AUA Director of ICTS and Facilities Manager accordingly.

No furniture or equipment may be moved onto AUA premises without the permission of the head of the appropriate department, the Facilities Manager or the head of the ICTS Department.

No furniture or equipment may be moved off AUA premises without the written permission of the head of the appropriate department, the head of the ICTS department as appropriate, as well as presentation of payment receipt issued by AUA Financial Services.

Security Guards are authorized to inspect anyone suspected of carrying out furniture or equipment belonging to AUA.

Responsibility in Case of Equipment Loss or Damage

Confirmation of the furniture and equipment received by a given department is conducted through signing the inventory document.

In case of loss or damage to furniture, equipment or supplies, AUA community members must immediately inform their direct supervisor or academic program chair, who should, in turn, inform the Superintendent or Director of the ICTS. The AUA community member must submit a written statement declaring the loss and explaining the circumstances. The person responsible for the loss or damage is liable for the lost or damaged goods, unless circumstances were beyond his/her control.