Reimbursing for AUA Services within the AUA
Reimbursing for AUA Services within the AUA
Effective as of: 11.01.2017
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: FINA20170001

When using the AUA services for business purposes (for instance AUA transportation, telephone, and photocopying), an employee has to make an appropriate record in the register kept by the corresponding department (information about the quantity of the provided services and the department, project to which expenses should be allocated to). The AUA Financial Services department will use the records for internal transfer of funds from the account of the research centers and projects to the account of the appropriate department.

When using AUA and AUA Center facilities, the reimbursement should take place based on memos prepared by the Director of AUA Services. The memo will clearly state the rental fee amount to be transferred from the research center or project account to the AUA Administration’s account. Copies of the memo should be submitted to the Financial Services department no later than the 10th of the next month following the month in which the services were provided.

When using the AUA services (transportation, Xerox) for personal needs, an employee should pay the appropriate amount according to the rates established for these services.

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