Academic Salaries
Access to AUA Campus and Working Hours
Add, Drop and Course Withdrawal
AGBU Papazian Library Circulation Services For AUA Community
AGBU Papazian Library Interlibrary Loan And Document Delivery Services
AGBU Papazian Library Membership
Air Conditioning
Allocating Rooms to Departments
Appointment, Retention, and Promotion and Faculty Titles
Arranging for Visas and Travel
AUA Archive
AUA Crisis Communication Plan
AUA Trademark
Business Travel
Carrying over course credits and grades from a previous AUA record to a new record
Cash Disbursement
Cataloging of AGBU Papazian Library Materials
Class Size
Collection Development
Communication with the AUAC and AUAF Boards of Trustees and the University Donors
Compensation for Accidental Harm
Computer and Network Use Policy
Concurrent and Non-Concurrent Enrollment and Waiver of Requirements for University-Level Courses
Conflict of Interest for Administration, Faculty and Staff
Conflict of Interest for Trustees and Directors
Course Descriptions for AUA Catalog
Course Proposal and Modification
Course Syllabus Format
Credit Hour
Duplication Services
Electrical Wiring and Equipment Installation
E-mail Usage Policy
Employee Benefits
Employee Records
Employment Termination
English Language Proficiency Test Waiver
Equal Opportunity in Employment
E-Reader Use Policy
Evaluation of Deans
Events Management
External Audit Review
Facilities Services
Faculty Code of Conduct
Faculty Evaluations
Faculty Leaves of Absence
Faculty Office Hours
Faculty Workload
Final Exam
Financial Aid
Financial Services General Provisions
Funds Transfer by Research Centers
Gifts, Scholarships and Endowments
Grade Policies
Graduate Admissions
Graduate Certificate
Graduation Policy and Procedures
Guidelines for Computer Laboratories
Health Center
ICTS Services Rules and Regulations
Identification Cards
Information Technology Security Policy
Internal Cash Collection for AUA Services Rendered
Internet Usage Policy
Inventory Control and Disposal of Furniture and Equipment
Items and Activities Covered by Overhead and Allocation of Overhead
Items and Activities to be Covered by Specific Projects’ Budgets
Job Classification and Compensation
Job Performance Evaluation
Library Rules of Behavior
Local Area Network
Lost and Found
Main Rights and Responsibilities of the Employer
Main Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Employees
Management of Keys and Locks
Minors at AUA
Moodle Usage
Non-Degree Status
No-pet environment
On Forming An AUA Internal Advisory Board
Operational Budget Development Process
Ordering Transportation
Organizing Meetings and Conferences
Outside Employment
Payroll Processing of Employment Contracts, Civil Service Contracts and Bonus Payments
Photo Video and Audio Use
Picking up of Arriving Faculty and Staff to-from Airport
Policy on Policies
Political and Religious Activity at AUA
Posting Signs and Announcements
Press And Media Inquiries
Probation and Dismissal
Probation Period
Program and Major Change
Program Chair Appointment
Projects and Grants Accounting
Provision and Use of Furniture and Equipment
Purchasing of Goods and Services
Reception Desk Function
Recruitment and Employment
Regulations on Provision of Facilities and Food Services
Reimbursing for AUA Services within the AUA
Renovation of the AUA Premises
Renting Apartments for Faculty and Staff
Reports by Departments
Research Ethics and IRB
Research Proposals
Reservation at Barsam Suites
Reservation of Classrooms, Computer Labs and Auditoria
Residency and Graduate Continuous Enrollment
Rewards and Disciplinary Actions
Safety at Workplace and the Employees' Responsibility
Security and Safety on AUA Premises
Sexual Harassment
Signature Authority
Smoke Free Environment
Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts
Staff Conduct
Statement on Academic Freedom
Statement on Educational Effectiveness
Statement on Faculty Senate
Student Code of Conduct
Student Code of Ethics
Student Records
Substance Abuse
Time Status
Transfer Credit
Tuition Refund
Undergraduate Admissions
Violations of Faculty Codes and Standards Policies and Procedures
Whistleblower: Responsible and Ethical Conduct at AUA
Withdrawal and Readmission Procedures
Work Schedule
Working Hours of Employees Enrolled in an AUA Academic Program