Probation Period
Probation Period
Effective as of: 03.04.2014
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: HUMR20140007

All AUA Employees are hired on a probationary basis. For this period as well an employment contract should be signed with them. The initial probation period lasts for three months if there is no other period mentioned in the contract. During the probation period the performance of the Employee and his/her overall correspondence to the position is evaluated.


In planning the work of the Employee during the probationary period, the Employee's supervisor shall explain the Employee's job responsibilities and assist the Employee to learn and perform his/her functions within the AUA structure. The Employee's supervisor shall evaluate the Employee's performance at the end of the probationary period and inform the Employee and AUA President of the results of the evaluation.


AUA reserves the right to terminate the employment of an Employee prior to the end of the probationary period for unsatisfactory work or behavior.  A three-day written prior notice should be provided by AUA for termination of the contract with an Employee who does not satisfy the AUA probation requirements.


If an Employee is rehired into a position within the same classification, the Employee will not serve another probationary period.

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