Main Rights and Responsibilities of the Employer
Main Rights and Responsibilities of the Employer
Effective as of: 03.04.2014
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: HUMR20140002

The Rights of the Employer

The Employer has the right to: 

  • Require that the Employees perform  work efficiently and effectively  and in a timely manner, 
  • Apply disciplinary actions to Employees according to the policies defined by the PPM,
  • Apply rewarding measures for those Employees who perform their duties efficiently and effectively, 
  • Adopt and implement competitive recruitment  policy,
  • Provide official information about the Employee to auditors and other  organizations  according to RA law, if required,
  • Request information from eligible authorities about the Employee  in case of the Employee’s material responsibility,  
  • Exercise other rights as defined in the RA Labor Code. 

The Responsibilities of the Employer  

The Employer is obligated to: 

  • Provide the Employees with the job as set forth in the employment contract,
  • Provide healthful  working conditions including appropriate light and temperature,
  • Provide  the Employees with shared or individual offices excluding  the jobs that are performed in outdoor conditions and  jobs of special nature that are performed in indoor conditions,
  • Provide the Employees with the  nessesary means and materials, professional literature/technical manuals,  instruments and other tools required for performing their jobs,
  • Pay salary to the Employees at least once a month,
  • Provide annual minimal paid vacation to the Employees according to the schedule approved by the Employer,
  • Perform other duties as  prescribed in the RA Labor Code.