Work Schedule
Work Schedule
Effective as of: 03.04.2014
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: HUMR20140014

A full-time work schedule for regular status Employees shall be 40 hours of work during a regular workweek.

The regular workweek at the AUA is Monday through Friday. A normal workday is 8 hours of work and a 45-minute lunch break. AUA Employees are entitled to two 10-minute additional breaks during a working day. Other breaks are forbidden. Unless required otherwise by specific departments, regular working hours for AUA administrative staff Employees are 9:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. with 45 min launch break.  In certain colleges and departments Employees may be asked to begin their work at 8:30 AM to provide needed support for class instruction prior to the beginning of classes.

Other categories of Employees such as drivers and others abide by specific work schedules indicated to them by their supervisors.

Salaried staff Employees who are employed for a work week of less than 40 hours receive a reduced salary prorated from a full-time salary base, for the hours worked.

Cumulative Working Schedule

As stipulated by the RA Labor Code, a cumulative work schedule can be adopted for certain categories of employees (e.g. drivers), when due to the nature of work it is impossible to follow a predefined work schedule.

Overtime Work

Overtime is time worked in excess of an Employee's regular work schedule and is only applicable to non-managerial Employees. An Employee may work overtime at special events or after regular hours when necessitated by emergency situations. The acceptable overtime hours and payment amount is regulated by RA Labor Code.


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