Effective as of: 03.26.2024
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: HUMR20140015

AUA recognizes the importance of vacations and strongly encourages all Employees to take an annual paid vacation.

Annual leave for each working year shall be granted in the same working year by way of a separate legal act by the Employer based on the annual leave application request submitted by the Employee.

The employment year starts on the first day of employment under the Employee’s employment contract or the corresponding legal act on employment acceptance and ends on the same month and day of the subsequent calendar year.

The teaching staff of the Employer shall be granted annual paid leave during the summer student vacations, including in the first year of employment, irrespective of the date when these employees began to work.

If the Employee avoids or refuses to use his/her annual paid leave or a part of it for 2.5 consecutive working years, by not submitting a request/notice for granting annual paid leave, and the failure to submit such request is not due to the Employee's being on leave for the care of a child under the age of three or under any circumstances as defined in points 1, 3, and 4 of Article 167 of this Code, then the employer is entitled to make a decision on the vacation period for the employee considering the requirements of points 4, 6, 8 of this Article. Thus, the employer issues an individual legal act on granting annual leave or a part of it without a request from the Employee.

Upon the consent of the Parties, annual paid leave in the given year may be granted in parts. In the case of granting the annual paid leave in parts, the duration of each part thereof shall be at least 10 working days in case of a five-day work week, and at least 12 working days in case of a six-day work week.

The vacation request process is conducted via the 1C DocFlow system. The corresponding guidelines are available on the MyAUA Intranet. 

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