Effective as of: 06.10.2021
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ACAD20200030

AUA is committed to assuring that the university provides courses and facilities sufficient for all students admitted for a degree program to complete that degree program within the typical time for such degree.

In the unlikely event that one, several or all degree programs are discontinued pursuant to WSCUC policies or otherwise, AUA will

  1. immediately cease admitting students into such programs;
  2. make provisions for those students currently enrolled to complete their degrees at AUA so long as it is possible to maintain standards and provide a high quality education, with the understanding that it may reduce or eliminate certain tracks, sub-specialties, courses or electives in the event of low enrollments or financial constraints;
  3. give students the option of changing majors or degree programs in the event of elimination or material reduction of their major or subspecialty and make accommodations to facilitate such change of major (e.g., subsidized summer courses);
  4. assist individual students who may wish to transfer to other institutions in the event that their major or subspecialty is materially reduced or eliminated;
  5. enter into agreements with other recognized universities in Armenia to facilitate the transfer of students;
  6. make every effort to assure that students who must complete their education at another institution do not pay more tuition than they would otherwise have paid at AUA to complete the same course of study.    This may include continuing financial aid to the student who transfers to another institution pursuant to an AUA teach-out agreement with the other institution, and
  7. form a committee to oversee the teach-out with appropriate academic, administrative and financial expertise.  

In the event that the discontinuation is caused by force majeure circumstances, AUA pledges to take reasonable measures to assure that students can complete their degree either at AUA or another institution, with the understanding that such force majeure circumstances relieve AUA of further legal obligation.   

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