Graduate Certificate
Graduate Certificate
Effective as of: 07.01.2014
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ACAD20140011

Graduate certificates must be approved by the Curriculum Committee and the Administration before being advertised or offered.   Other kinds of certificates may be offered by Programs or AUA Extension and are not subject to this Policy.

1. Duration and Scope of a Graduate Certificate

An AUA graduate certificate is a course of study offered by Academic Programs individually or jointly.  Graduate certificates typically require between 9 and 12 credits of study at the graduate level which constitute a coherent theme or sub discipline in the field. Credits may be earned on an intensive basis on a compressed schedule through special offerings or via regular offerings of the department.

2. Admissions Qualifications

Since graduate certificates are designed for graduate level academic work, students must hold a recognized bachelor’s degree.  If the language of instruction is English, students are required to demonstrate English language proficiency with a TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent.

3. Registration, Transcript, Student Privileges

Graduate Certificate Students register through the Registrar’s office and receive a transcript

4. Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and instruction, including instructional staff, are subject to the same requirements as the Program’s regular course offerings. Each Graduate Certificate must publish expected length of the program, program requirements and course descriptions, subject to approval of the Curriculum Committee. If the courses are special courses, offered outside of a Master’s Program regular course offerings, then the Graduate Certificate Proposal must set forth the standards for such courses, in the format generally applicable for regular AUA courses, and provide justification for any deviation from usual AUA course requirements; for example, the language of instruction is in a language other than English.

5. Awarding of Certificates

Graduate Certificates are granted to students who successfully complete the Graduate Certificate program.  Grades are recorded in the Registrar’s office. Grades are reported to the Registrar’s office in accordance with the standard procedure for grade reporting. Students in the Graduate Certificate program must be in good standing for the course of study in order to receive a graduate certificate.

Graduate Certificates shall be signed by the Dean(s) of the respective College(s) and the Provost.

6. Credits

Credits for Graduate Certificates shall be subject to the AUA Policy on Credit Hour and Time Status. The Graduate Certificate Proposal shall specify which course credits, if any, may be applied toward a Master’s Degree Program.

7. Student Policies and Good Standing

Graduate Certificate students are subject to the rules and regulations generally applicable to students at the university. Definitions of good standing, appropriately adapted to the Graduate Certificate, shall apply to students in Graduate Certificate programs and failure to maintain good standing shall be grounds for dismissal. Graduate Certificate proposals should specify any bases for dismissal that are not covered by the generally applicable rules.

8. Tuition

For Graduate Certificate courses of study primarily drawing on regular Master’s Program courses, the tuition shall be no less than the tuition that is charged Non-degree students for such courses and may be subject to a premium, e.g., for regular student privileges (e.g., use of facilities) or intensive format (Executive Courses), etc. For Graduate Certificate courses of study that consist primarily of special courses not a part of the Master’s Program’s regular course offering, tuition shall cover all costs of instruction, course administration fees, VAT, and overhead, and may include premiums, e.g., for additional student privileges or intensive formats, etc.