Housing Arrangements For International Faculty
Housing Arrangements For International Faculty
Effective as of: 01.01.2022
American University of Armenia

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Policy Number: ADMI20220003

AUA Services Department reserves rooms at Minotel Barsam Suites Hotel located on 8 Mher Mkrtchyan street for visiting international faculty, based upon availability of allocated rooms for AUA. The rooms for visiting faculty are reserved at the University-discounted rates and are charged to respective AUA academic programs/departments. Please consult with the AUA Services office regarding the current room rates.

At the specific request of a core international faculty, the AUA Services department assists in finding accommodation.

The AUA housing database depends on accommodation offers submitted by the landlords. This means that specific preferences, available budget and the period the faculty is looking for accommodation, in combination with the offers available, mainly determine a possible housing match. The Services      department merely brings accommodation requests and offers together. If a housing offer is suitable for a faculty he/she needs to sign the rental contract directly with the landlord of the apartment they are renting. He/she will also have to pay the rent directly to the landlord, as AUA will not be involved in monetary transactions in regards to the rent transfers.

In case a faculty prefers looking for accommodation themselves, they should be very hesitant with paying money in advance, e.g. without having signed a rental contract. There is a common practice to pay one month's rent as a deposit.