Employee Records
Employee Records
Effective as of: 03.26.2024
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: HUMR20140006

Employees must submit the following documents for concluding an employment contract:

  • Identification document,
  • Social security card or a statement on not having a social security card, or a public service identification number or statement on not having a public service identification number,
  • Education or qualification certificate, if the employment requires special knowledge or skills,
  • Certificate on health status/medical record, if the position requires initial or regular medical examination, as well as for persons under 18 years old,
  • For a person under 16, the written consent of one of the parents, foster parents, guardian or caretaker; if no such document is available, a written statement from the guardian or caretaker,
  • Other documents stipulated in the law.

All official Employee records are maintained by the AUA Administration. These records include the Employee's contract, work schedule, time sheets, leaves, absences, performance evaluations, salary history and any other official employment document.  

All Employees must immediately inform the HR department about any change in name, address, phone, education or professional training.

In the event the Employee fails to inform the Employer of any change of address, the notice sent by AUA to the Employee’s address on record with AUA shall be deemed to be a proper notice.



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