Ordering Transportation
Ordering Transportation
Effective as of: 01.01.2021
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ADMI20210001

AUAF Transportation Services may be used by all AUA departments and centers and, in special cases, by AUA employees on a fee-for-service basis. A car may be provided for personal use only when it is idle.

The priorities for using AUAF Transportation Services under otherwise equal conditions are as follows:

  1. For purposes directly connected with the educational process;
  2. For financial services operations.

AUA Car Booking (http://carbooking.aua.am/) system should be used to reserve a car. After reviewing the submitted requests, the Services department reserves the right to allocate another AUA vehicle or outsource the service. The requests for the trips outside Yerevan need to be submitted 3 days prior to the trip. Otherwise, the request may be refused. 

To ensure the necessary safety of AUA employees and guests, both drivers and passengers must fasten the seat belts. As drivers are responsible for safety of a trip, they are authorized to not commence or stop the trip if, according to their best judgment, the weather or other factors are hazardous, or the technical condition of the vehicle itself is not adequate, for safe driving.

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