Recruitment and Employment
Recruitment and Employment
Effective as of: 03.26.2024
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: HUMR20140004

New Position Opening

          In case of a need for a new position in a department, the head of the department fills out the "New Position Opening Form" and submits it to the HRM department which is subject to review and approval by the corresponding department supervisor.

          Upon approval of the application for creating a new position, the HR Management department classifies the new position according to the existing job classification, suggests the corresponding salary range and submits it to the AUA President for final approval. In the event that the AUA President deems adding the new position appropriate, he/she will convene a meeting of the Board of Trustees with the agenda of making amendments and/or additions to the AUA pay and position classification.

Vacant Positions

            AUA strongly believes in the internal promotion of Employees and may give due consideration to the advancement of deserving Employees who have demonstrated outstanding performance and dedication in their prior work at the AUA when new positions become available.

            When positions must be filled with new Employees, employment opportunities at the AUA are publicly advertised to attract the most qualified pool of applicants. This may include publicizing in newspapers, radio and television, web pages special announcements, or any other channels deemed appropriate for the respective position. Employment opportunities may also be placed on the AUA website.

            Employment listings include the job title and job classification, the responsibilities and minimum qualifications required, and other information as necessary.

            In order to be considered for a position, applicants are to complete the required AUA application forms and/or to submit a resume and recommendations, as requested. AUA selects the applicant who is deemed to be the most qualified to effectively perform the duties of the position.

            The AUA HRM department is responsible for coordinating staff recruitment, interviewing, hiring and firing processes. The HRM department works closely with deans, programs, centers and department heads to determine the particular job requirements for each position. The HRM department may, if requested, propose a short list of potential candidates for each position. Final interviews are conducted by those in charge of the respective college, program, department or center where the position is located.

            The final decision on employment rests with the AUA President or his/her designated person.

Employment of Immediate Family Members

            The AUA believes that the employment of immediate family members in certain circumstances may impact objectivity at work, affect the work of colleagues and create potential conflicts of interest between Employees.

            For purposes of this PPM, "immediate family" is defined as the Employee’s spouse, children, parents and siblings.

            The employment of immediate family members within the same college, center or department may be permitted only when such employment is deemed not to jeopardize any AUA policy, is in the best interest of AUA and does not imply direct subordination between them.

            If two Employees become immediate family members during the course of their employment at the AUA, and one of them is in a supervisory relationship with the other, both Employees must inform the HRM department. In such circumstances, the AUA reserves the right to reassign Employees to other positions or change their working relationship. 

 Dual Employment and Protection of AUA Interests

             Dual employment is regulated by the RA Labor Code. Employees may, from time to time, take on certain assignments outside, provided that these assignments are not in conflict or in competition with the AUA work/projects and can reasonably be accomplished during the Employee’s free time, do not interfere with the Employee’s regular duties and responsibilities and do not adversely affect his/her performance at the AUA.

             Employees are advised to consult with their supervisor to ensure their second employment does not create a conflict with AUA employment. The AUA Administration reserves the right to disapprove of any outside employment for its Employees if it is deemed that the Employee's alternative employment place or method may create a conflict with the AUA employment.

             For example, not to participate personally and not to support anyone and/or company participating in a funding project for which the Employer has provided an offer or a bid.

             An AUA administrative Employee may take on assignments as described above in another department at the AUA, provided the AUA Administration and the Heads of both departments pre-approve the assignment and agree on its particular terms.  In these cases the Employee’s regular employment will be reduced by a certain percentage to allow for successful implementation of the other assignment, whereby the total employment will not exceed 100%.


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