Job Performance Evaluation
Job Performance Evaluation
Effective as of: 03.26.2024
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: HUMR20140008

Job Performance Evaluations serve as a summary of the work performance of a staff member and form the basis for staff promotions and compensation increases. The Performance Evaluation is means by which Employees are given the opportunity to improve their work performance. A performance review should be completed for each regular status Employee by his/her immediate supervisor at least once a year, or more frequently if deemed necessary by the supervisor or the Department Head, but not more than quarterly.

Job Performance Evaluations are conducted with utmost objectivity and fairness as they directly impact the continuity of the Employee’s tenure. Reviewers evaluate the quality of the work of the Employee, his/her contribution to the work of a department or division, the Employee's adherence to the AUA’s policies and procedures and overall commitment to the AUA. Reviewers evaluate the contribution of the Employee in light of the specific job responsibilities, the established work goals and objectives for the period of the evaluation and the extent to which improvement recommendations have been realized by the Employee. In making recommendations to improve the work of the Employee, reviewers should provide suggestions and examples of how the particular work aspects of the Employee can be improved.

Every Employee must have the opportunity to discuss his/her performance review with the reviewer and to acknowledge receipt of the review. Employees may appeal the performance review and any actions affecting the status of their employment with the Administration. Reports conducted at the end of the Employee's probationary period are not appealable.

The decision about increasing the compensation of an Employee on the basis of the Employee’s performance evaluation is made by the President, at his/her full discretion, based on the business necessity and availability of budgetary resources.

The provisions of the current section do not obligate AUA to increase the Employee’s salary.

Annual Performance Evaluation review process is conducted via the 1C DocFlow system. The corresponding guidelines are available on the MyAUA Intranet.


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