E-mail Usage
E-mail Usage
Effective as of: 12.01.2012
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ICTS20210008

1.Email service

1.1 Rules

The AUA provides email services at no cost to students, staff, and faculty.

• AUA email system is powered by Google Apps for Education product.

• To open an email account for a new employee or a new faculty member, the Director of HR Office or Recruitment and Contract Coordinator of HR Office sends an email message to System Administrator and enter new and/or updated employee information in the special spreadsheet, which is located on the server under the dedicated folder.

Based on this information ICTS Department registers user account and create email address.

• When a person terminates the job the AUAF, ICTS Department, upon receipt of notification from Director of HR Office or Recruitment and Contract Coordinator of HR Office, deletes his/her account.

No service contractor will have an email address or be in the phone directory if their contract is less than three months.

Staff will not be allowed to request keeping their email address beyond the last day of their contract. Their address will be deleted.

Forwarding a staff or faculty members AUA email address to a personal email address for two or three weeks beyond the end of their contract is with Presidential approval only.

A terminated employee’s email address can be blocked and forwarded with a notice to contact a new employee who is assuming their position.

When a staff/faculty leaves AUA on temporary basis (maternity leave, etc) without terminating the contract, then his/her email account is suspended for the whole period of leave. AUA will continue to forward staff newsletters, updates and important emails to the employee’s home email account where appropriate.

• To open an email account for students the Office of the Registrar sends an email message to System Administrator (Request system).

When a student leaves AUA on temporary basis (maternity leave, etc), then his/her email account is suspended for the whole period of leave. When a student leaves AUA for the military service, then his email account remains active for the whole period of leave but is removed from all mailing lists.

1.2 Prohibited Use

The AUA email system shall not to be used for the creation or distribution of any disruptive or offensive messages, including offensive comments about race, gender, disabilities, age, sexual orientation, pornography, religious beliefs and practice, political beliefs, or national origin.

Employees who receive any emails with this content from any AUA employee should report the matter to their supervisor, or ICTS immediately. The Information Security responsible person is required to act upon any report of inappropriate email use regardless of the source.

Inappropriate email includes but is not limited to:

• Sending unsolicited email messages, including the sending of "junk mail" or other advertising material to individuals who did not specifically request such material (email spam).

• Any form of harassment via email, whether through language, frequency, or size of messages.

• Unauthorized use, or forging, of email header information.

• Solicitation of email for any other email address, other than that of the poster's account, with the intent to harass or to collect replies.

• Sending chain letters or joke emails from a AUA email account is prohibited.

• Virus or other malware warnings will only be sent from AUA ICTS Director, help desk, or authorized third party email service provider.

• Third party email services will not be used for the transmission of critical information. Critical information includes but is not limited to:

• Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of another person.

• Financial account numbers

• Passwords

• Information that can have a derogative impact on AUA, staff, or students of AUA Internal communications that can have a derogative impact on PCC operations if sent to someone without a need to know

• Health related information of a sensitive nature

• Information deemed: Confidential, Restricted, or Academically sensitive

1.3    Personal Use

Using a reasonable amount of AUA resources for personal emails is acceptable, but non-work related emails is not supported. Mass mailings from AUA shall be managed by the appropriate email list owner on an individual basis. These restrictions also apply to the forwarding of mail received by a AUA employee.

1.4 Email Security 

While AUA attempts to provide secure, private and reliable email services by following sound information security practices, privacy is not guaranteed and users should have no general expectation of privacy in email messages sent through the email system. Email is a public record. Please be aware that any information submitted via email is not confidential and could be observed by a third party while it is in transit.

2. AUA Webmail

AUA email owners can also access their mailboxes through a web mail interface on the AUA website. They get this opportunity automatically when receiving an email account.

3. Using AUA mailing lists

There are the following mailing lists at the AUA:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] (composite of all above mailing lists)

[email protected] ([email protected][email protected])

[email protected] (accessed by the Office of Alumni Relations only).

All mailing lists are moderated. Only authorized persons can send a message to the mailing list, which is broadcasted to the corresponding email users. The authorized persons are: President, Vice-Presidents, Deans, Director of Administration, Department Heads, Student Council President/VP and other persons approved by the AUA Administration.

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