Employment Termination
Employment Termination
Effective as of: 03.26.2024
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: HUMR20140010

a)      In the event of an Employment contract termination with AUA by Employer, the contract can be terminated only in cases as prescribed in the RA Labor Code and in accordance with the procedures as prescribed in the RA Labor Code.

          In case of the Employee’s unsatisfactory performance the Employer can terminate the Employee’s contract only upon the basis of a violation of disciplinary rules as set forth in the PPM and prescribed in the provisions 8-10 of point 1 of Article 113 of the RA Labor Code.

          In cases when employment termination is initiated by the Employer, the bases and timeline for notifying the Employee about it are regulated by the RA Labor Code.

          The Employer processes the Employee’s employment termination payment and makes payment to the Employee within three days. 

          For every case of employment termination, even if the Employee disagrees and intends to appeal it, he must pass the materials and documents under his possession to the person designated by the Employer. If there is a need for inventory checking, the Employee must be present. If the Employee will not participate, he will bear the risk of unfavorable consequences.  The Employee should be notified about the inventory checking at least one day in advance via telephone call (including SMS) or by written communication.

b)      In the event of an Employment contract termination with AUA by Employee, Employees are requested to give one month in advance written notice to HR department.

         Administrative Employees who write resignation letters are asked to have an exit interview with the HR department.

         The notes and suggestions provided by them on the interview may serve as a guide in the relationship of the university and Employees. The answers and suggestions of the Employees will be confidential.

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