Purchasing of Goods and Services
Purchasing of Goods and Services
Effective as of: 06.20.2022
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ADMI20200021

AUA has a centralized purchasing process coordinated by the Purchasing Office, which has primary responsibility for carrying out the procurement of goods and services or channeling purchasing requests to the appropriate procurement committee. All procurements are fulfilled in an open, competitive, fair, and transparent process that ensures equal opportunity for vendors and the best value for the University.

Requests for goods or services under the applicable threshold for micro purchases ($1,000 for AUAC in the U.S. and AMD 200,000 for AUAF in Armenia), are processed upon approval by the head of the requesting unit or department.

For goods and services having initial cost estimates for simplified procurements ($1,001-20,000 for AUAC in the U.S. and AMD 200,001-10,000,000 for AUAF in Armenia), the process requires obtaining at least three (3) written quotations from vendors and subsequently analyzing the quotations received using the pre-established rubrics of quality, service, vendor track-record, etc. to justify the selection.  

For procurements with an estimated cost in excess of $20,000 (for AUAC) and AMD 10,000,000 (for AUAF), the University requires a formal competitive bidding process.

In the case of procurements from abroad (when the payments will be made in a foreign currency through bank transfer or credit card), the payments should be approved by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Chief Operations Officer (COO) regardless of the amount.

Purchase orders for basic office supplies are handled by the AUA bookstore or dispensed from the University warehouse by prior approval of the corresponding department head.

Additional direction or process guidelines can be found in the related documents available below.

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