Outside Employment
Outside Employment
Effective as of: 09.01.2005
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ACAD20050001

Subject to certain restrictions outlined below, members of the AUA faculty may engage in outside professional activities. Outside employment is defined as professional employment for compensation not disbursed by the University.  Outside employment cannot conflict with AUA contracted services.


The following guidelines apply for AUA faculty:


1.   Outside employment must not conflict with an individual’s AUA faculty contract or AUA interests.

2.   Faculty must not use AUA staff personnel, telephones, or office supplies for outside employment activities.

3.   Any time-frame for outside employment must not impact the faculty members AUA- scheduled responsibilities, for example, scheduled classes.

4.   Outside  employment  limitations  differ  by  employment  contract  type  and  the University reserves the right to review situations it believes may be in conflict with contractual obligations.

5.   Faculty on full time contracts should not spend more than one day a week in outside employment during the academic year. The total period of engagement in outside employment of full time faculty should not exceed 14 days per academic year. Faculty on full time contracts should not be engaged in projects that are in direct competition with programs and projects initiated by the University and its Research Centers. Faculty on full time contracts should receive formal approval for outside employment that will involve more than an occasional short engagement, viz. more than 3 working days, from the Dean and the Provost or President.