ICTS Services Rules and Regulations
ICTS Services Rules and Regulations
Effective as of: 12.01.2020
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ICTS20200004

  1. Rules

Audiovisual equipment is available for use on a “first come first served” basis.

According to the audiovisual equipment usage policy:

1.1. A department requesting usage of the equipment sends an e-mail or by ICTS Request System to ICTS Office naming the type of equipment, and the proposed date and hour(s) of usage. A detailed specification of the requested equipment should be included, e.g. whether a computer is needed with an LCD projector, whether a computer should contain a CD, whether a sound, microphone, software is needed, etc. AUA faculty, staff and the Student Council are eligible to submit such requests.

1.2. The ICTS Office checks the request for possible time conflict with other requests and schedules the provision of the equipment. In order to schedule the usage of equipment, e-mails or requests by ICTS Request System are to be sent no later than one working day prior to the event (lecture, seminar, conference, etc.). ICTS does not guarantee the timely execution of requests sent at the last minute.

1.3. A Hardware Engineer from ICTS Office sets equipment at the scheduled time in the presence of the college secretary or the professor, or another client, and takes it back at the end of the event.  The instructors are responsible for the state of equipment during classes and events.

1.4. In classrooms instructors should open the multimedia podium with respective keys and switch on the equipment. After the class instructors should close the multimedia podium with the key and switch off the equipment. The instructors are responsible for the state of equipment during classes and events.

1.5. In case events are finished earlier or later than planned, the instructor is responsible for arranging the return of the equipment. While assuring proper control over the equipment, he/she should inform the ICTS Office (any person in any CS rooms 313M,316M) that the event is over so that the ICTS Office can take the equipment back. If the person requesting the equipment fails to do so, he/she is solely liable for the loss or damage of the equipment (with all financial consequences).

1.6. ICTS Office personnel do not provide technical support during a class or an event; i.e. changing slides during presentations, switching the equipment on and off, etc.

1.7. Conflict resolution: when a class or event is not over in the scheduled time but the equipment is planned for another class or event it must be taken to the next scheduled place.


  1. Transferring or replacing computing equipment

Only the ICTS Office employees can do computing equipment transfer or replacement, as each change must be reflected in the computing equipment inventory database.

To request a transfer or replacement a corresponding e-mail request should be sent to ([email protected]) or by ICTS Request System.

  1. Servicing computing equipment hardware and software faults

The ICTS Office is responsible for the timely maintenance of computing equipment hardware and software faults. An e-mail request for service is to be sent to the ICTS Office ([email protected]) or by ICTS shortly describing the problem, providing the requestor name and the room number.

Requests are serviced on a “first come-first served” basis except urgent requests.

  1. Refilling printer toner

A toner refill request should be sent to the ICTS by ICTS Request System, when the quality of printing of a printer has become obviously poor.  Cartridges are taken for refilling to a specialized company. At the end of a month the department requesting a refill is correspondingly charged.

  1. Allocating telephone numbers

Each member of the AUA faculty and staff can have their own phone and a phone number.

New faculty members are provided with phones upon arrival per AUA Administration request.

When changing an office location, the phone number can remain the same.

To retain the phone when changing the office location, a corresponding e-mail request should be sent to the ICTS Request System.

  1. Accessing student computer labs

There are 5 free-access student computer labs in the MB basement:
Lab 001M with  16 workstations,
Lab 002M with  19 workstations,
Lab 003M with 32 workstations,
Lab 004M with 20 workstations,
Lab 005M with 16 workstations.

All 5 labs are accessible for students, also when there are no scheduled classes. However, even during classes, students with instructor’s permission can use free workstations.


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