Publication of Promotional Materials, Including Audio/Video, Visual, and Print
Publication of Promotional Materials, Including Audio/Video, Visual, and Print
Effective as of: 04.03.2024
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: INAD20240001

Publication of Promotional Materials, Including Audio/Video, Visual, and Print

The purpose of this policy is to ensure high-quality audio/video, print, and visual consistency and a strong connection to the American University of Armenia (AUA) brand across all promotional materials associated with and representing the University. The Office of Communications is responsible for enforcement of this policy and can be a resource to the University community for production of promotional materials. The Office of Communications enables the AUA community to communicate and market its impact to all its strategic audiences, as well as ensure effective communication among different stakeholders.

The goals of this policy are to:

  • Ensure consistent strategies to promote and protect AUA’s brand
  • Ensure that AUA communicates with a consistent voice and identity
  • Ensure all external information follows the University’s design and editorial standards
  • Provide centralized expertise and available resources to assist the AUA community
  • Combine efforts of all communicating on behalf of AUA and improve information flow and efficiency
  • Reduce internal and external miscommunication


All AUA publications and external audience communications should be reviewed by the Office of Communications. All University units preparing publications (newsletters, magazines, booklets, flyers, program brochures, posters, signs, etc.), advertisements, photographs, and websites intended for an external audience should first contact the Office of Communications for guidance and assistance in order to ensure compliance with policy and procedure, as well as efficiency in the production process. The Office of Communications reserves the right to propose edits to all content in order to ensure quality and consistency. The Office of Communications also reserves the right to reject publications that are not aligned with University guidelines and policies.

The Office of Communications will review each request for:

  1. appropriateness
  2. adhering to policy and University strategies
  3. duplication of existing materials and publications
  4. efficient or effective use of resources

All AUA marketing and promotional materials and publications should be reviewed and approved by editorial/design staff in the Office of Communications. In some circumstances, the Office of Communications may outsource an agency to produce materials. The use of an outsourced agency should be done in consultation with the Office of Communications prior to engaging any agency.

Brand Guidelines:

The name of the University and the official marks must be prominently displayed and easily visible on all materials that represent AUA. Please refer to the AUA Brand Guidelines to ensure compliance. Graphic identities used to represent AUA entities must be designed or approved by the Office of Communications.


For purposes of this policy, promotional materials include, but are not limited to, any printed material, newsletters, billboard advertising, external campus signage, audio or visual production, magazines, booklets, flyers, program brochures, posters, signs, advertisements, photographs, and/or audio-visual presentations and university branded merchandise.