Security and Safety on AUA Premises
Security and Safety on AUA Premises
Effective as of: 07.12.2021
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ADMI20140017

The obstruction of all hallways, reception areas, corridors, stairways, elevators, and any other passageways in the AUA buildings is prohibited.

The AUA Security Service is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the staff, students, faculty, tenants and visitors to AUA buildings as well as the AUA buildings, premises and equipment.

The Security Service is on duty 24 hours a day. While fulfilling its duties, the Security Service expects collaboration and support of the staff, faculty, students and tenants. Each member of the AUA community should notify the security guards when noticing individuals exhibiting suspicious behavior, theft, materials possibly dangerous to the environment, or suspicious objects. The AUA buildings and adjacent areas are under camera observation, which enables the recording of all possible incidents. The security guards patrol the buildings, according to an established schedule. 

Emergency doors have active alarm systems. Windows/doors on the first floor in PAB have alarm systems activated after working hours.

Employees must lock their doors after leaving their offices.

When a security guard finds an unlocked door, he/she posts a warning notice on the door.  To remove the warning note, the person responsible for the room must contact the AUA Security Service Coordinator (ext. 25-09) or the person on duty for facilities (ext. 27-72). After opening the room, the person responsible for the room must report the reasons for leaving the door open and the possible damage to or loss of the belongings in the room.

Employees assume personal responsibility and liability to compensate AUA in the event of any loss or damage to AUA or to someone’s personal property, belongings, or equipment due to negligence in abiding by the aforementioned rules. In case of several employees sharing the same work premises, the person found to be in violation of the aforementioned points is held personally liable.

The security guards receive mail and deliver it to the AUA Administration.

The Security Service reserves the right to remove anyone from the building who has violated AUA internal rules and regulations. In case these persons do not obey, are noisy or disruptive, threaten or demonstrate other forms of resistance, the head of the Security Service must contact the AUA Security Service coordinator (or in his absence the Director of Facilities and Services or the Vice President). Security guards should contact the police in situations and circumstances falling beyond their control.

In case of the need for evacuation from the building the community should follow the Procedure for Protection and Evacuation during Emergencies.

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