Main Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Employees
Main Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Employees
Effective as of: 03.26.2024
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: HUMR20140001

The primary and specific responsibilities of each Employee are listed in the Employee's contract and/or job description appended to it. In fulfilling their specific responsibilities, all Employees are expected to work to the best of their abilities in providing top-notch service to all members of the AUA community. Employees are expected to understand that change and flexibility are necessary for the efficient functioning of AUA and must be willing to think and work creatively. They must also strive to develop a strong working relationship with their supervisors and colleagues, a relationship that is open, collaborative and based on mutual respect and trust.

Employees shall coordinate their work and cooperate with all others affected by their decisions and actions. They are expected to duly apply AUA policies and procedures effectively and in an ethical manner. Employees with supervisory responsibilities are also expected to create and maintain a working environment, which encourages commitment, respect for individual differences and professional development of staff. 

The Rights of the Employees 

The Employees Have the Right to: 

  • Perform his/her job in healthy working conditions including appropriate light and room temperature,
  • Perform his/her job as set forth in their respective employment contract in shared or private offices and, in special cases, in outdoor conditions,
  • Receive all necessary means and materials, professional literature, instruments and other tools required for performing their jobs,
  • Receive salary at least once a month,
  • Annually earn minimal paid vacation,  
  • Be entitled to other rights as prescribed in the RA Labor Code. 

The Duties of the Employees 

The Employees are Obligated to: 

  • Be present at work on time, perform their assigned duties and act in good faith,
  • Maintain an environment of general tolerance avoiding conflict or dispute with other Employees or other people,
  • Respect all Employees of the Employer, students, and visitors,
  • Arrive at work completely sober,
  • Follow the work safety and security regulations and requirements, work carefully and effectively,
  • Treat the Employer’s property with care and attentively: immediately inform the supervisor and the security service of the building in the event of any risk that may damage the Employer’s property,
  • Keep the confidentiality of information pertaining to the Employer and parties cooperating with the Employer,
  • Maintain personal hygiene and a clean workspace,
  • Follow the fire prevention regulations,
  • Avoid using materials, equipment, and other information provided by the Employer for other purposes,
  • Avoid destroying or altering computer software, documents and passwords while on the job or upon resignation,
  • Immediately inform the Employer, in writing, of any circumstances, surrounding personal issues or illnesses that may adversely impact performance of assigned duties,
  • Perform other duties as set forth in the RA Labor Code and employment contract. 

The Responsibilities of the Employees 

  • The Employees will bear material responsibility and/or be subject to disciplinary action in the event of non-performance or inadequate performance of the duties as set forth in the PPM and/or employment contract,
  • The Employee will be materially responsible for any damage(s) caused to the Employer’s property, as well as in other instances provided for by the RA legislation.  



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