Tuition Refund
Tuition Refund
Effective as of: 01.01.2022
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ACAD20150016

This policy addresses refunds of tuition payments.

All other fees are not refundable.

1. Degree/Certificate Seeking Students

Degree/Certificate seeking students typically pay tuition in installments in accordance with their education contracts.

Degree-seeking students who withdraw or take a leave of absence from the university (see Withdrawal and Readmission Procedures) are entitled to a refund in accordance with the following schedule:

    • By the end of the add/drop period: Full refund for the given term for tuition paid.                                 
    • After the end of the add/drop period and until the deadline to withdraw from a course with a “w”:  Refund for tuition payments made in advance for future installments in the term.
    • After the deadline to withdraw from a course with a “w”:  No refund.
    • Any tuition payments made for future terms will be refunded.

2. Non-Degree Students

Non-Degree students pay tuition in accordance with their contract.

Refunds for Non-Degree Students are outlined in the Non-Degree Status policy.  

3. Other Students

A. Study-Abroad Students (except as noted in 3.B. below)

Tuition paid by study-abroad students is subject to a full refund for the given term if the student cancels his/her enrolment or withdraws before the end of the add/drop period in the study-abroad contract.

Tuition is non-refundable after the end of the add/drop period, unless stated otherwise in the study-abroad contract.

B. Special Programming (e.g. Summer Study-Abroad Students)

Students who enroll in special programming are required to pay the total tuition before the start of the program.  Tuition for special programming is non-refundable unless stated otherwise in the speacial-programing contract.

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