Non-Degree Status
Non-Degree Status
Effective as of: 01.12.2015
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ACAD20140012


*This policy currently only applies to courses offered at the graduate level


Purpose: This policy governs the acceptance process, status and credit for courses taken by individuals who are not seeking a degree at AUA and are qualified and accepted to take select courses at AUA. Such individuals are defined as non-degree students.


Non-degree Student Acceptance Process: An individual may submit an Application for Non-Degree Student Status along with the required application fee and supplemental documents to the Office of Admissions by the published deadline. Upon receiving the approval of the respective Program Chair and the Registrar, an individual becomes a non-degree student and may register for one or more courses per term.  If an accepted non-degree student does not enroll in at least one course during the semester of admission, non-degree status will be terminated and the student will need to reapply in the future.


Non-degree students may apply for admission to degree programs at any time up to the published deadlines, but a student cannot change status mid-term. Students who register as a non-degree student must complete the term as a non-degree student. Enrollment as a non-degree student does not guarantee future admission to the University’s Programs. 


Standard for Acceptance: In deciding whether to approve a non-degree application, the respective Program Chair shall consider the burden on the program and the preparedness of the applicant for study. A non-degree student should hold an undergraduate degree and be proficient in the English language.  Proof of English-language proficiency may be provided through the TOEFL iBT or IELTS exam or an English Language Proficiency Test Waiver.


Number of credits: The total number of credits which a non-degree student may apply toward an AUA graduate degree shall not exceed 25% of the credits required for that degree. 


Academic standing: Non-degree students must remain in good standing to continue to take courses at AUA. See Grades Policies, 



Student Rules and Regulations: Non-degree students are subject to all of the policies, rules and regulations at AUA.


Transcript: Transcripts indicate the status of the student as non-degree. 


Grades earned as a non-degree student cannot replace grades earned for the same course taken previously as a degree seeking student.


Tuition: Tuition is charged on a per-credit basis.  Financial Aid is not available to non-degree students. 

  • For a student taking 1 to 2 courses, the total tuition amount must be paid in full one week from the date of registration each semester that the student is enrolled, or the student will be dis-enrolled.  
  • For students taking 3+ courses tuition payments should be made according to the prescribed schedule outlined in the education contract. 


When course is dropped (for 15 week courses)

Percentage of paid tuition refunded 

Before term begins


During the add / drop period

100% (less a processing fee of  5000 AMD)

After the add / drop period

No refund


Termination of Non-Degree Status: Any privileges (e.g., student ID, AUA email account) granted by the university shall remain in force only while the non-degree student is enrolled.