Duplication Services
Duplication Services
Effective as of: 01.01.2021
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ADMI20200022

Business Copies

It is recommended that AUA Faculty and Staff place orders at least 48 hours in advance by submitting orders on a standard (A4 size) paper, or sending the soft copy via email to [email protected]. A master copy of the document should be made in the office. AUA Copy Center does not provide services of combining parts of different documents on one sheet. Duplication of documents of up to 25 pages should be made on the copiers in the AUA offices.

Exam and other confidential materials 

Exam and other confidential materials for quizzes and tests should be sent to the [email protected] e-mail address at least 72 hours in advance. These documents are never outsourced to make sure that the confidentiality of the process is at the highest level. Please note that the faculty member and/or college/department administrative assistants must be personally present to receive the hard copies from the Copy Center. This also applies to the cases where facilities help is needed for transferring the material to a designated exam destination on campus.

Types of Duplication and Services

 * Paper photocopies (A4/A3 size paper documents

 * Printing (A4/A3 size paper documents)

 * Digital scanning (A4/A3 size paper documents to PDF format)

 * Binding (A4 size files)

 * Lamination (A4 size files)

 * Organizing delivery of letters


Orders will be served according to the following priority: 

  1. Exams;
  2. Orders from faculty concerning their lectures;
  3. Orders from the AUA Administration;
  4. Orders from Research Centers;

The AUA Copy Center makes all copies double-sided unless specific requests are made to do otherwise. The number of copies made and pages bound is registered in the registration book. These figures are then grouped in the monthly report and submitted to the AUA Fina§ncial Services department for appropriate cost allocation among departments.

AUA has also contracted an outside photocopying vendor to print the documents.  The comments and suggestions about the quality and timeliness of outsourced service can be forwarded to the attention of AUA Services. As in case with internal photocopying, the outside vendor will also register the number of copies made and pages bound in their registration ledger. A reasonable care and precaution need be exercised before signing against the quantity of pages copied/bound as well as putting the department and/or project name this expense should be allocated in vendors’ ledgers.