Health Center
Health Center
Effective as of: 01.01.2012
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: ADMI20060002

The clinic specializes in health promotion education, minor acute care, and emergent care for AUA faculty, staff, and students. A Nurse will assist with health-related issues. Appointments may be scheduled with the physician through the Health Center Nurse. If medications are needed, a prescription may be provided for the patient to purchase at local drugstores. At the same time, some over-the-counter medications are maintained in the Health Center. A list of local medical facilities is maintained for those who need referrals for chronic or serious illnesses including those comfortable managing nationalities used to western medical care.


Home visits are not within the usual scope of the Health Center staff. There may be unusual situations after hours in which the nurse or physician may visit a home with the approval of the patient. An example when this might occur is when a potential emergency situation confronts a foreign visitor or faculty member who is unfamiliar with the language or local medical infrastructure. In addition, the AUAF Administration may request a home visit with permission of the patient and concurrence by the clinical staff. Department heads are encouraged to inform the Health Center staff about an employee’s potentially serious illness to enable them to contact the employee to find out whether he/she needs medical support.


There are recommended procedures to obtain assistance should a medical accident occur within the building. Telephone numbers for after-hours care and emergencies are widely distributed among the security guards, employees, and AUA Health Center bulletin boards and office door. The AUA complies with local regulations regarding liabilities. 

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