Safety at Workplace and the Employees' Responsibility
Safety at Workplace and the Employees' Responsibility
Effective as of: 03.04.2014
American University of Armenia

Policy for Publication

Policy Number: HUMR20140012

The AUA strives to create a safe working environment in order to eliminate or reduce conditions, which may result in personal injury or property loss to staff, faculty, students and visitors.

The AUA’s Employees are responsible for the care of all material and equipment used during the course of their work. Thus, Employees are expected to use care and due caution to avoid any misuse or abuse of equipment. All employees must read and follow safety instructions.

At all times, Employees should call on the computer department for the malfunction of computers or printers and call on the appropriate department at the AUA or the administration when other material or equipment need repair. At all times, Employees are to be mindful not to expose any equipment or premises to safety hazards.

Employees are expected to exercise care and precaution not to expose themselves to safety hazards while performing their duties at the AUA. Employees must seek assistance when the performance of any task can potentially expose them to risk hazards.


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