Course Descriptions for AUA Catalog
Course Descriptions for AUA Catalog
Effective as of: 07.21.2006
American University of Armenia

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Policy Number: ACAD20060009

Elements of Catalog Description

a.   Course title and number

b.   The number of credit hours

c.   Note if Pass / Fail (otherwise assumed to be letter grade)

d.  The prerequisites and co-requisites for the course (if any)

e.   Description (i.e. a summary of course objectives)




PH201. General Principles of Public Health Problem Solving (5 units).

An introduction to the diverse profession of public health and a guiding paradigm for public health problems solving, this course emphasizes the development of essential skills in critical thinking and group process.  Through lectures, problem exercises, and individual and group work, student groups will complete an analysis of a current public health problem, including recommended courses of action.  Evaluation components consist of individual and group participation, an individual written critique and other written assignments, a group paper, and a group presentation.